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Supreme Sod

Supreme sod
Supreme sod – Kentucky bluegrass / Ryegrass / Fescue mixture, grown on a sand base.

The best quality sod available. Supreme sod is composed primarily of Kentucky Bluegrass and also contains Ryegrass seed types grown on washed sand. This sod is weed free. Ideal for usage on residential lawns and sport applications both in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland and the British Columbia Interior / Okanagan. Supreme sod is the most expensive for many reasons:

  • Supreme sod has higher bluegrass and fescue content. Bluegrass and fescue seed is expensive and take much longer to grow than Ryegrass. Bluegrass and fescue in residential lawns gives you excellent recovery during cold, drought, traffic and slightly shaded conditions; Ryegrass need to be replace with over seed as it does not fair well under these conditions.
  • Supreme sod is grown on washed sand that is imported. Importing washed sand gives you a well draining medium that is consistent in every order.
  • Supreme sod is quality controlled with strict rules for harvest.
  • Supreme sod is weed free.
  • Supreme sod is the most expensive and will give you the best quality of lawn in the long run.

Standard Sod

Standard sod is the most common used by landscapers for commercial project and some residential lawns. This economy type sod is composed primarily of Ryegrass with some Fescue types and a small amount of Kentucky Bluegrass. This sod is grown on loam base. Standard is less expensive than supreme because of the higher ryegrass content, no washed sand is used as it is grown on natural loam (clay / soil). The high ryegrass content of standard blend requires landscapers and homeowners to be diligent with over seeding as ryegrass does not stand up well to cold, drought, traffic and shaded conditions but does produce a nice looking product when grown at the farm in full sunshine and harvested in the same planting year. When planting standard blend for a residential lawn please be aware that frequent over seeding may be necessary to establish proper amounts of bluegrasses and fescues after the first fall/winter. For good quality residential lawns both in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan / B.C. Interior we recommend the Supreme Sod.

  • Standard sod is very high in Ryegrass and needs to be over seeded frequently especially after a hot summer or rough winter before weeds infest bare patches.
  • Standard sod cannot be used in the Okanagan, British Columbia Interior, Whistler or Squamish, You need a higher Bluegrass.
  • Standard sod is the most common used by landscapers and contractors for projects because of the reasonable cost versus Supreme sod.
  • Standard sod cannot be use even in moderate shade.

Select Sod

Ground cover sod for highway applications, erosion control and low budget projects. This sod will contain some weeds. Select sod is simply sod that is unacceptable for residential lawns, cut from the edges of the fields or the headlands where weeds from the irrigation ditches may creep in. No quality controls are used in harvesting. Select sod may be either a high ryegrass or Bluegrass type sod.

  • Select sod is great for erosion control situations.
  • Select sod is the least expensive.
  • Select sod cannot be used for residential.